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Flower BAths

All our essences can be used for taking flower baths. It is recommended to take a preparation bath on special occasion before taking an actual flower bath. Please ask for a session if further help is needed. A simple flower baths is important in our life: 


Flower Baths

A flower baths a day will keep the doctor away.

A flower baths a week will keep a happy relationship and life

A flower baths a month keeps the etheric body clean

A flower baths a year will bring nothing but good fortunes in your life.

Afte the Flu

Energy, life force in motion

Good Luck

 Being charming and attractive to find a partner;Will bring all encounter and activities the way your soul or higher self has designed your material, emotional and spiritual happiness and joy of living. 


Joy through full awareness of an experience. Recommended to take it within 24 hours before or after an experience you want to repeat, keep and increase and elongated..


The right dosage of happiness on a regular basis. Having pleasure and happiness while doing normal daily activities


Dissolution of sadness through self -acceptance

Clearing Negativities

Removing negativities after dispute, emotional disturbances,confrontation,yelling, pollution of body speech and mind.


Getting the right partner, business, job, friends ; everything conducive to spiritual, emotional and material experience.


Resetting the life fore on a regular basis


Quick temporarily opting out facts of life to get access to constructive life force energy

Seasonal Baths

Bathing according to each season; inner attunement with the present energy in nature.

Spiritual Baths

Easy access to higher state of mind with what you have achieved or developed so far.

Party Night

Before Party time, align all the cells , tissues, organs to do one thing: enjoy life.


Getting in touch with your soul, higher consciousness or the divine within without to carry on your purpose in life exactly the way lord of joy and happiness has designed it for you.

New Years Baths

New life, new beginning, letting go the last year by discarding the undesirable experiences via self-awareness and carry on the good ones via rejoicing to the New Year. Celebrating the beauty of changes in life.


Effortless, automatic joyful state of mind. Quick reconnection to the source.

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