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A Practical Guide to the Lily Essences

  • A concise reference guide for both practitioners and non-practitioners. This pocket guide contains descriptions of the individual essences, as well as a detailed repertory by Julia Graves. 134 pages, illustrations in color and black and white.


    “The Lily Circle Practical Guide and Repertory is a complete guide to the Lily Circle, including color pictures of the essences, as well as in-depth descriptions. Julia Graves expertise shines forth in her descriptions which are so rich and layered that new information continuously reveals itself with multiple readings. In short, she portrays each essences in its thorough complexity, instead of reducing it to a couple of key terms. The second half of the book is comprised of an astonishing glossary which not only categorizes the essences into psychological traits (such as essences for motivation and insight) but also into their energetic traits – this is especially useful for body-workers, but is also of great value to any essence practitioner. Because flower essences are energetic preparations, it is refreshing to have a practitioner’s guide which details the subtle physical effects of these essences.” — Megan Mook (Certified Yoga Teacher, Flower Essence Practitioner)


    This book about Lily family flower essences manifest Julia’s clear and deep understanding of the energetics of plants and the multiple uses they have shown through her compilation of patient’s experiences with them. The book is written in some of the most clear and pragmatic prose in print about flower essences – which makes it a great help in matching essence to person.”  — Peter Schell LAc MTOM


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