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The Breath of the Divine

  • In this masterful work, Jacquelin Guiteau gives us a glimpse of the sophistication and complexity of the traditional art of smudging. Far from being merely about nice scents to feel good, smudging in the hands of a trained traditional practitioner is a powerful tool for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. Within the context of traditional holistic healing, a precise energetic assessment of the ills is crucial. Depending on what the healer finds, different prayers, techniques, plant helpers and other actions are called for, as clearly outlined in the book. Ultimately, the smudging scents are The Breath of the Divine, linking our life’s path to the divine and the universe. 70 pages.

    Jacquelin Guiteau is a Haitian-born US American electrical engineer, who grew up with Haitian folk medicine and studied Western mysticism and Tibetan Buddhism from an early age. Jacquelin Guiteau is a spiritual teacher and healer who teaches internationally and directs a free naturopathic street clinic in Haiti.

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